Our Yellowstone National Park Story

Bowling Green residents enjoyed developing a story on our virtual tour at Yellowstone National Park!

Last weekend, Harry & Marry, prepared for their hiking trip at Yellowstone National Park. They first went on a trail West and then a trail East. They are on their 15 years anniversary. Harry discovered beautiful rocks while hiking along the East Trail.  Then, his wife, Mary, found a fish in the water and a chipmunk in the trees. They continued to hike up the trail and stopped on the rocks to take a picture of them with the view of Yellowstone National Park in the background. While stopped, they had a picnic with hamburgers and Sprite to drink. After a long day of hiking, they set up camp at Boo-Boo Bear campground. The night was hot; therefore, it was too hot to sleep in a tent. So, the couple slept under the majestic stars. After their trip, they went home to Virginia and told everyone they must visit Yellowstone National Park.